Our Concept

Stevens English Training, the language school with a difference, is a name well known in local business circles. Thanks to the high quality of our general, business and technical English courses, we have gone from strength to strength since our establishment in 1986. Around the turn of the century we realised that it was time to take a step further by adding German courses to our range of services.

German Courses for Professionals

German language courses at an English language institute?

With borders continuously opening to free trade, markets growing together and the increasing mobility of the world’s workforce, it is evident that more and more executives and professionals from abroad are coming to Germany to work and live. Very often they will be bringing their families with them.

As expatriates they will usually speak English, either as their mother tongue or as a second language. Rather than conducting the German courses in the target language alone, we make use of this common knowledge of English to speed up the learning process. All the trainers involved in the German Courses for Professionals Programme are German native speakers with an excellent command of the English language. Thus grammar rules, structures and vocabulary can be explained directly and understandably. In other words it is a question of „as much English as necessary, as much German as possible“. As the learner progresses through the levels the amount of English used is reduced step by step. For the learner this means the achievement of specified goals in the shortest time possible.

The relaxed atmosphere and our special Stevens approach complete the picture. Apart from the linguistic content our trainers also include aspects of culture and life-style in their courses. Such items give the learner a better orientation, and reinforce self-confidence in social and business situations.

Our Courses

We focus on two main areas of need. Firstly, Business German for those who have to communicate with colleagues and business partners in a German speaking environment, and secondly General German for those who wish to focus on the language they need for everyday situations.

No matter whether the learner is a complete beginner wishing to establish a first „beachhead“ in the language or an advanced speaker just giving their German a final polish we can guarantee the highest quality of language training. The practical nature of the course assures that what is learnt in the classroom today can be used in the real world tomorrow.

We do not offer open group courses so most of the time lessons will be on a one-to-one basis. If we are dealing with learners who work for a company, then we are more than happy to send the trainer to the company’s premises. Often a company will have a number of employees whose level in German is similar, and here of course small groups can be created.

In the case of family members or dependants who wish to do a General German course, we recommend that the lessons take place at one of our four training centres (Essen, Cologne, Dortmund and Münster). If there are family members or friends with a similar level of German, then of course it is a good idea to create a small private group.

The Training Staff

For the German Courses for Professionals Programme, Stevens English Training only employs trainers who are native speakers of German with an excellent command of the English language. Thanks to their training as teachers and their years of experience in the classroom they all know how to make their lessons interesting, relevant and fun.

Our Business German Courses:

Our Business German courses are planned either as one-to-one training or as closed groups. They can be conducted either at one of our four training centres (Essen, Cologne, Dortmund or Münster) or at the client’s premises. Normally the lessons take place in the form of extensive programmes, for example with one double session (2×45 minutes) per week, however courses can be far more intensive if wished. In all cases the learner’s individual interests and scheduling preferences can be taken into account. If requested, special themes can be integrated or trainers with expertise in particular areas may be sent in.

Here are some examples of targets and topics for a course at CEF level B2:

  •  Improved negotiation skills in German
  •  Active and effective participation in meetings and the chairing of discussions
  •  Powerful and persuasive presentations
  •  Efficient communication on the phone, by letter, email or via social media
  •  Self confidence in social situations (small talk)
  •  Improved correctness and accuracy when talking
  • Awareness of political, economic, cultural and social matters from the German speaking World (to be able to „understand“ how German business partners think and act).


Our General German Courses:

The General German courses are designed for partners and family members of expatriates, who do not need to use German in a work-related context but who will need to use the language in everyday situations. We recommend that the lessons take place at one of our four training centres (Essen, Cologne, Dortmund and Münster) as this is more conducive to learning than a domestic environment.

Again we recommend a regular training session, for example (2×45 minutes per week), however, given that the learners might have a bit more time on their hands they might like to have two or even three such sessions per week. As explained elsewhere clients are encourage to seek potential learning partners from their circle of family and friends so as to form a small group rather than having the one-to-one format. In this way the cost of the course can be spread giving the learners better value for money and freeing up financial resources for maybe more lessons.

The targets and topics of the lessons will depend very much on the learner’s level.

Here is an example based on CEF level A1/A2.

  • Introducing yourself and getting to know people
  • Describing the daily routine
  • Describing an apartment, a house and facilities
  • Shopping: Vocabulary for food and other goods
  • Simple conversations
  • Giving directions
  • Time and date
  • Talking about yourself and your life
  • Conversations about leisure time and hobbies
  • Doctor’s visits: Vocabulary, questions and answers
  • At the hotel
  • In the restaurant
  • Driving: Understanding street signs, refuelling, traffic rules
  • Telephoning
  • Invitations: Birthdays, Christmas, weddings and other festivities


Stevens English Training also offers the following Services:

Translation from English to German and German to English

Interpreter services

Proof Reading

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